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Competition policy in the European Union: experiences and challenges ahead

Edited by Annete Bongardt.
Preço final: 20,00 €

Autor(es) Annette Bongardt (Coord.)
Ano 2005
Nº páginas 146
ISBN 972-9222-52-5
Dimensões 23,5 X 16 cm
Peso (gr) 284
Índice geral



This volume focuses on the economics of competition policy in the European Union, with the objective to discuss the experiences, status quo and the challenges that lie ahead for competition policy in the European Union (EU) from an economics point of view. By bringing together a wide spectrum of contributions on competition policy related issues in the European Union, this publication aims to provide up-to-date knowledge for economists, lawyers, practitioners and those interested in the field and to contribute to the discussion of the issues and challenges ahead.
The book adopts a broad perspective on competition policy in the European Union, as it is not only about EU competition policy in a narrow sense but instead looks at the governance of competition policy of the European Union at the Community and the national levels and also considers the relation between competition policy and regulation. It features a comparative view on EU competition policy and US anti-trust and, and with respect to the EU, addresses the roles and competences of the EU, of national competition authorities, and of sectoral regulators.