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EU Leadership Exchange Programme

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The proposal of general framework for an EU Leadership Exchange Programme (EU.LEP) was presented on 22 June 2021, in the Informal Meeting of Ministers responsible for Public Administration in the European Union and it was designed with the inputs from partners from the European Public Administration Network (EUPAN) and the Network of Directors of Institutes and Schools of Public Administration (DISPA).

The Instituto Nacional de Administração, I.P. (INA, I.P.; Portuguese National Institute of Administration) is responsible for the coordenation and management of the pilot-project that was initiated in october 2021 and will run until june 2022, involving five Member-States - Belgium, France, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain - and the European Comission.

The goals of the Programme are as follows:

  • To allow middle managers from the public sector to take place in a leadership development exchange programme in other EU central/ federal government administrations and/or EU Institutions, promoting learning in a real context, in direct contact with other leadership realities, trough bench learning activities, on-site visits and meetings in order to discover different activities, projects and case-studies;
  • To promote cross-border cooperation in/ with the EU;
  • To get an experience outside the organisational and national context, stimulating joint reflection and sharing of perspectives and, therefore, mutual learning;
  • To enhance networking knowledge transfer (measurable);
  • To promote Public Administration leaders’ development by providing alternative and enriching learning paths;
  • To act simultaneously as a recognition and motivation mechanism;
  • To create an EU public administration leaders’ network;
  • To foster a culture of European-oriented public service and strengthen the spirit of European citizenship.

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